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History at Large


History at Large, Salisbury, Wiltshire

devised by George Fleming and Sue Paramor

Salisbury and South Wiltshire Museum Lecture Theatre

Thursday 4th and Friday 5th December 1997


The theme of "Afterwards" is the period in Salisbury's history immediately following the First World War. The central story is the prolonged controversy surrounding the City's projected War Memorial, leading to an understanding of why it exists in its present form and location. Other issues explored are the 1920's housing schemes and the proposed new Infirmary (finally achieved in the 1980's!).


Once again, we used a narrator working in conjunction with costumed actors, slides and stage effects. The limitations of the hall kept the show small and fairly static - most of the acting revolving round one large and two small tables, lit by ordinary 'domestic' table and standard lamps.


Salisbury Museum's Lecture Theatre is an attractive former chapel but with only two power points and no changing facilities! So we went for a visually satisfying effect based on warm household lighting, continuous slides as a backdrop and the actors handling old books and documents. Their words were ENTIRELY culled from documentary sources of the 1920's, sometimes read when we wanted to emphasise authenticity, and spoken or shouted from memory during more active scenes.


Narrator - George Fleming
Mayor James Macklin - Tony Huxter
Councillor Haskins - Neil Whatton
Capt Foster/Lt Addam - Simon Tubb
Salisbury Journal Editor - George Goulding
Reporter/Herr Bley - Cameron Leadman
GPC Chairman/Mayor Lapham - Nino Polopida
Infirmary Governor - Ruth Buckingham
Lady Hulse - Izzy Ford
Singer - Sue Paramor

All of the cast play: Citizens of Salisbury, Council Members, Soldiers, Speakers, Officers, Letter Writers and Reporters


Director - Sue Paramor
Musical Director - Michael Warren
Writer - George Fleming
Stage Management - Ian Laurence-Paramor
Lighting - Steve Lucas
Sound - Graham Jull
Make Up - Mandy Kirkham
Costume Design - Beth Laurence Paramor


The Salisbury & South Wilts Museum
Salisbury Journal
The Stable's Studio
Salisbury Guildhall
Museum Caretaker
Ottakers Bookshop
Peter Daniels
Black Paw Productions

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