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Nelson Remembered

History at Large, Salisbury, Wiltshire

Lord Nelson
by George Fleming

Salisbury Library and Galleries

Thursday 21st October 1999

The aim of this presentation is to tell the story of Nelson's life, in a way that is both entertaining and historically accurate. The main problem, as always, was "fitting a quart into a pint pot"! Nelson's forty-six years were so crowded with events and characters that it would really take a whole series of shows like ours to fit everything in.

In being selective, therefore, we have tried to show all the major incidents of his life and to highlight those which tell us most about the man himself and how his contemporaries saw him. No small order, when trying, at the same time, to avoid the twin pitfalls of hagiography AND "debunking"!

Our format is a straightforward narrative, supported by a profusion of readings from contemporary documents and by slides, sound effects and music. MOST of our slides are of the persons and incidents shown, but here and there we have used the occasional Hogarth or Van der Velde out of context, to create an impression of how things might have looked. We hope the reasons will be obvious and acceptable.

The story, inevitably, digresses into such fascinating byways as the life of Emma Hamilton and the character of the Georgian Navy. We believe that these shed interesting "reflected light" on Nelson.

Crowd scene

Cast and Crew

Narrator - George Fleming

Nelson's Words read by - Christian Jull

Emma Hamilton's by - Nikki Angel-Jull

Lady Nelson's by - Ruth Buckingham

Other Ladies read by - Ruth Buckingham

Gentlemen, Sailors etc by - Alec Clapperton, Richard Clarke, Nino Peloppida

Singer - David Rawlinson

Slides - Mike Mansfield

Sound - Sue Paramor, Ian Green, Ron Jull

History at Large would like to thank

Pauline Dyer, Head of Libraries & Heritage, Wiltshire

Jane Hunt of Salisbury Library

Linda Muir of Malmesbury Library

Richard Violet of Warminster Library

and all other Library & Galleries staff who have helped to give us this opportunity of presenting our work in libraries for the first time


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