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Productions - Salisbury

History at Large

Bear The Falling Sky

History at Large, Salisbury, Wiltshire

Bear The Falling Sky
devised by George Fleming and Sue Paramor

Salisbury Arts Centre

Thursday 23rd to Saturday 25th April 1998


As always when popularising History, we find ourselves trying to put the proverbial "quart into a pint pot", presenting a vast sweep of events and complex issues in a simple, entertaining format.

The approach we have chosen is to offer you a very simple narrative, but lots of vignettes of life in the summer and autumn of 1940, using our actors, singers and musicians to try to give you the feel of what it was like to be a pilot, a bombed-out Londoner, a nurse etc. As usual, we are supporting it all with slides and sound effects.

We have had to be selective and no doubt there will be things you feel we might have included and others we could have left out. We hope, however, that you will enjoy the overall presentation and be both informed and entertained.

Every one of the vignettes (or "playlets") is based on a known and recorded incident or fact. Some of our dialogue is documentary, but most has been written for this show - to try to compress many characters into few!

Couple in BlitzFires in Blitz Cast List

Nikki Angel - Nurse, Singer
Ruth Buckingham - Section Officer, Nurse
Rosemary Finney - Singer
Carrie Jones - Molly Pantadown, WAAF
Mandy Kirkhain - Singer
Dee Mansfield - Civilian, Singer
Hannah Mawson - Civilian, WAAF
Lesley Rice - WAAF
Debbie Rose - Shocked Woman, WAAF
Ted Baker - Pearly King, Home Guard
Richard Clarke - German Pilot Heinemann, Artillery Sergeant Major
Alec Clapperton - Novice Pilot
George Fleming - Narrator
George Goulding - Squadron Leader Peters
Tony Huxter - Drunken Veteran, Home Guard
Toby James - Spitfire Pilot, Civilian
Christian Jull - Spitfire Pilot, Interrogation Officer
Graham Jull - RAF Erk
Ron Jull - Air Raid Warden
Cameron Loadman - Staffel Kapitan
Graham Paramor - RAF Intelligence Officer, Spiv
Joe Rooney - Home Guard Sergeant, Spiv, Butcher
Paul Routledge - German Pilot
Damon Scott - Spitfire Pilot, News reader
George Todd - Senior RAF Officer
Neil Whitton - Winston Churchill
Children - Samantha Humpries, Philip Humpries


Director - Sue Paramor
Musical Director - Micheal Warren
Writer - George Fleming
Lighting Designer/Operator - Steve Lucas
Sound Designer - Paul Gulliver
Set Designer/Scenic Constructor - Mike Mansfield
Stage Manager - Lise Maskell
Technical Stage Manager - Ian Laurence-Paramor
Assistant Stage Manager/Props - Natasha Cherry
Assistant Stage Manager/Props - Karen Morgan
Wardrobe Mistress - Beth Laurence-Paramor
Make Up - Sandy Coombs, Mandy Kirkham
Sound Operator - John Beauchamp
Slide Projectionist - Tony Pugh
Chaperone - Dave Schirn

Gentlemen of the Band

Graham Jull, Ron Jull, Martin Smith, Micheal Warren

Postman . Building collapsing . Milkman

London in the Blitz

History at Large Would like to thank the following people/organisations for their help and generosity towards this production:

The Royal Signals Museum, Blandford Forum
The Fleet Air Arm Museum, Yeovilton
Salisbury Militaria Society
TOGS Costume Hire
Harvey's of Hove

Chain Reaction
The 5 Bells Workshop
The Imperial War Museum
Salisbury Territorial Army Centre
Tangmere Military Aviation Museum

Don Stratton
Jeremy Moody
Pat Jull
Harry Gorlick
Kevin Foster

The Black Horse Inn
The Salisbury Arts Centre
Aviation Heritage Museum
GMCT Photocopying Service
The Salisbury Times & The Salisbury Journal

For more information about History at Large please contact us

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