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Productions - Salisbury

History at Large

Determined To Prove A Villain

History at Large, Salisbury, Wiltshire

King Richard III
devised by George Fleming

A collaboration between the Mediaeval Heritage Society
and History at Large

United Reformed Church, Salisbury, Wilts -7th June 1997
Castle Bolton, Wensleydale, Yorkshire - 28th August 1999

The Mediaeval Heritage Society

exists to promote a general interest in the mediaeval period and to preserve our National Heritage. It concentrates on the latter half of the 15th Century, providing entertainment and education on this subject by means of tourneys, lectures, demonstrations, etc. In so doing, it raises money for registered charities.

Mediaeval Heritage Society


1. "Determined to Prove a Villain" is the mock trial of Richard III for usurping the English Crown and murdering his two nephews in the Tower of London.

2. It is a GENUINE contest between Prosecution and Defence, with an impartial Judge presiding. The audience act as Jury and deliver a verdict at the end.

3. The trial is conducted under the rules of English Law. But because we are dealing with ancient history a much greater use of hearsay and circumstantial evidence is allowed.

4. To ensure that it does not drag on and that it is good entertainment for the audience, some prior "collusion" is allowed between Judge, Prosecution and Defence. This is purely to establish lines of investigation and eliminate time-wasting dead ends and legal quibbling!

5. Witnesses are only rehearsed as far as is necessary to ensure that they know their parts and are developing some "character" in them. The rest is improvisation!

6. There are sixteen witnesses, from the 15th, 16th, 17th and 20th Centuries, all appropriately costumed.

7. Humour and Dramatic Conflict have been built in to the Trial by a judicious choice of witnesses and by taking some liberties with re-incarnation!

Credits (1997 production)...

The Cast

The Judge - George Todd (HAL)
Counsel for the Prosecution - Charles Austin (MHS)
Counsel for the Defence - George Fleming (HAL)
Clerk of the Court/Herald - John Kendrick (MHS)
Sergeant at Arms - Mark Cox (MHS)
The Actor - Graham Paramor (HAL)
The Genealogist - Ruth Buckingham (HAL)
Sir Thomas Vaughan - Brian Stokes (MHS)
Doctor Ralph Shaa - Cameron Loadman (HAL)
Dominic Mancini - Mike Stokes (MHS)
Anne de Beaujeu (Regent of France) - Sue Paramor (HAL)
The Chronicler - Ian Laurence (HAL)
Sir Thomas More - George Gouldinq (HAL)
Sir James Tyrrell - Phil Eade (MHS)
Sir Thomas Chichely - Joe Rooney (HAL)
Professor William Wright F.R.C.S. - Christian Jull (HAL)
Defence Medical Expert - Izzy Ford (HAL)
Bishop Robert Stillington - Graham Paramor (HAL)
King Edward IV - Mike Collit (MHS)
Anne Neville (Queen to Richard III) - Nikki Angel (HAL)
Elizabeth Woodville (Queen to Edward IV) - Christine Power (MHS)
The Duke of Buckingham - Dave Fawcett (MHS)
King Henry VII - Ron Harvey (MHS)

And our helpers:

Sandra Harvey (MHS), Brian & Jo Eade (MHS), Iris Kendrick (MHS), Tanya Kendrick (MHS), Betty Stokes (MHS), Lisa Marley (HAL), Beth Paramor (HAL)

The babes in the Tower .


The United Reformed Church for their all-round helpfulness
"Togs" for HAL's costumes
Sergeant Root, Salisbury Police and Philip Peel for projectors

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