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The Whitechapel Enquiry

History at Large, Salisbury, Wiltshire

The Whitechapel Enquiry - Jack the Ripper
devised by George Fleming

Salisbury and South Wiltshire Museum Lecture Theatre

Friday 23rd October 1998


Tonight we are employing the format (VERY loosely) of a Judicial Enquiry, to explore the notorious "Jack The Ripper" story. We hope that by proceeding, like a trial, through question and answer, we will be able to pass on a substantial body of fact, which might be too much for a lecture and would certainly be skimped in a play.

At the end of the evening we will ask you to vote on which of our suspects, if any, you would consider sending for trial, on the available body of evidence. The voting system has been kept simple. You simply have to drop the green counter you have been given, into the appropriate, clearly marked, pot.

Our small number of suspects was chosen from an astronomically huge list, by my raising the subject of this show in various licensed premises and listening to views like, "Weren't the Royal Family involved?", "It was an American - did you see the programme on Channel Four?", "I thought they'd found him - hasn't his diary been found?", etc... etc... etc... So, profound apologies to any devout "Ripperologists" whose favourite suspect has been omitted!

I hope you will find this evening as serious as its grim subject deserves, though enlivened by flashes of humour.

George Fleming


"Though boys throw stones at frogs in sport,
the frogs do not die in sport, but in earnest."           Plutarch

We hope that tonight we will once again inform, entertain, and even, at times, amuse you, as we have done before. We hope that you will find our presentation of the evidence as fascinating as we found the research. We hope, if we succeed, that our entertainment does not lose sight of or lack pity for the five victims:

Mary Ann Nichols
Annie Chapman
Elizabeth Stride
Cathrine Eddowes
Mary Jane Kelly

"...who died in earnest!"


The Judge - Nikki Angel-Jull
Counsel - George Fleming, Christian Angel-Jull

Modern Witnesses

The Assassin - Vickie Hill
The Detective - Dave Fawcett
The Ripperologist - Frogg Moody
The Historian - Ian Laurence-Paramor

Victorian Witnesses

Sir Charles Warren - Richard Clarke
Inspector Frederick Abberline - Graham Paramor
Doctor George Bagster-Phillips - Nino Pelopidda
Inspector John Littlechild - Joe Rooney

Voices from the past

Queen Victoria - Rosemary Finney
Eliza Doolittle - Sue Paramor
Inspector Joseph Chandler - Richard Clarke
P.C. John Neil - Mike Coulson
John McCarthy - Mike Coulson
P.C. Edward Watkins - Ian Laurence-Paramor
Louis Diemschutz - Graham Paramor


Stage Manager - Mike Mansfield
Deputy Stage Manager - Emma McQueen
Lighting - Tony Pugh, Steve Lucas
Slides & Sound - Hannah Mawson, Emma McQueen
Front Of House - Pat Mawson, Judith Fazakerly


For the kindness of Ottakar's Bookshop, New Canal, Salisbury, who have been our Box Office for the past year and without whom we would be "wasting our sweetness on the desert air!"


Salisbury Museum for the venue
B & Q for the table lamps
Guilder Graphics for the photocopying
TOGS and Salisbury Playhouse for the costumes
Frogg Moody for his "Ripper" knowledge
Salisbury Drama Association for the lighting equipment

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